Animal Kingdom

Today there are over 7.5 million different animal species roaming the earth. Each animals plays a huge role in our everyday lives & without them we could not survive. Countless times in scripture God chooses to show us how to live in the Kingdom of God, through the eyes of different animals. This series will take you on a journey through the ANIMAL KINGDOM of God, teaching powerful lesson through the eyes of different animals.

How to Break Through

April-May 2018

Movie Star

March 2018

Shore Christian Church is _____

February 2018

Give Me Faith

January 2018

Christmas Eve

December 2017

Where Do We Go From Here?

December 2017

The Cross & the Anchor

November 2017


November 2017

Fear: Under New Management

November 2017

Up For It

October 2017

All Access

October 2017

Emoji Series

September 2017

Sling Shot Anointing

July-August 2017

Boats, Jets and Water Sports

June 2017

How to Love a Blood Sucker

May 2017

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