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The Pretender

July 12, 2020

During the course of all of our lives we can find ourselves trying to be something that we know we are not. Especially when we compare our lives to the cropped and filtered images we see everywhere. Each day we are bombarded with things and images that speak a subtle, yet powerful message that, “This will make you happy.” Yet, we are left feeling frustrated and miserable. This battle is not a new one, it is a battle we have faced since the beginning of mankind. This series we are going to examine the life of Jacob and the battles he faced to go from a pretender to a contender.

This sermon we will begin looking at where Jacob came from to better understand why he was a pretender.

Hungry Sons

July 19, 2020

Only on the greatest challenges that we face is the challenge of waiting. God has so much blessing stored up for us, and the process He takes us through can be frustrating. Many people on the journey are like Esau (Jacobs brother) and trade their future inheritance for a bowl of beans. This sermon from Pastor Isaac title, HUNGRY SONS, will help you to not give up what you most for what you want now.

He Will Bless You Anyway

July 26, 2020

God can not bless who you pretend to be. Jacob most of his life lived as a pretender and wearing a mask.

He deceived his brother and his own father as he was dying. Is wasn’t until Jacob faced who he was, that God was able to transform him into who he was meant to be.

A City Called NoWhere

August 2nd, 2020

Have you ever been to a place called “NoWhere?” NoWhere is a place where nothing looks familiar and you don’t know exactly how you are ever going to get through it. Through the very complicated life of Jacob we are going to see how God can meet you in the middle of NoWhere.

The Real Housewives of Harran

August 9th, 2020

In life, what we see on the outside doesn’t always match up with what’s happening on the inside. We long for acceptance and achievement, but we look in all the wrong places to find them, leaving us disappointed and rejected. How do we find purpose in these frustrations? And how can God use us in spite of our misguided priorities? In part 5 of our sermon series “The pretender” Pastor Isaac focuses on the story of Jacob’s wives – two very different sisters struggling with the very same things, to show us how God can take our pain of rejection and disappointment and turn them into blessings for His glory

Change That Name

August 16th, 2020

Thank you for joining us for this special collaborative worship service with Second Baptist Church, and a sermon brought by Pastor Isaac Friedel & Pastor Semaj Vanzant!

The Spotted and Speckled Lounge

August 23rd, 2020

When you stop looking for what you should have done or did not do, you will be able to see what you can and will do through your imagination. What is God’s plan and purpose for you?

The Call is Greater than Your Fall

August 30th, 2020

As we close This series on the life of Jacob called “the pretender,” we saw many incredible lessons from his life. But the greatest lesson that we can learn from Jacob is that “YOUR CALL IS GREATER THAN YOUR FALL.” No matter what we have in our past, Gods grace covers it all.