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Have you ever been disappointed by God? Has God ever seemed absent in what seems to be your greatest moment of need? Those can be some of the most challenging moments for us and our families. Jesus speaks directly to those who have experienced those moments in John chapter 11. This is the conclusion of our “I am” series with a sermon titled “EVEN NOW”.

Welcome Home

April 7, 2019
Jesus is the ANSWER for the ACHE WITHIN
Jesus said, "I AM the Vine" You were no CUT OFF, You were just CUT BACK. You'll miss the Miraculous if you resist the Mundane. This may take a while....... but the wait will be worth your while!
As Jesus walked the streets He wanted everyone to know who He was and why He came. In John chapter 10 Jesus made one of the most powerful statements when He said, "I am the Good Shepherd." This Sermon will teach us why we need a Shepherd and how that Shepherd is the only one who can properly lead, love, and protect us from the wolves of this world.

I AM That Door

March 17, 2019
Doors are part of our everyday life. They can either be used to shut people out, or invite people in. Doors can hurt you when they are shut in your…
If you haven’t noticed we live in a very dark world. A world full of pain, tragedy, and disappointments at every corner. When you are surrounded by darkness you can…

He’s A Bread House

March 3, 2019
Have your ever noticed that in different seasons of your life God will provide for your needs in different ways? Sometimes it can be very difficult and scary when a…
One of the greatest gifts we can have is a friend, spouse, or church that we can lean on when we are about to fall. God never intended us to…
One of the greatest challenges our relationships will face is OFFENSE. So many relationships are destroyed because we allow an offense to take root in our hearts, and we begin…