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Have you ever been stuck trying to walk in a new calling with an old identity? Where you know the person God has called you to be, but you still feel like the same old you. This is a season many people find themselves in and we see this in the life of Simon Peter.
One of the most intriguing personalities in the bible is a disciple named, Simon Peter. Simon Peter, from the first moment he met Jesus, was “like a rolling stone.” He was up and down, hot and cold. All of us can relate to Simon Peter one way or another because we all can feel like ROLLING STONES.

I Got This

June 2, 2019
We all have areas in our lives that are dysfunctional. Rather than addressing the dysfunction, we make excuses for it. This sermon titled, “I got this” will help you understand how to confront the dysfunctions in your life.
Have you ever tried to escape from your CALLING? Many times when we hear the calling of God, we see it as an interruption and not an invitation. Even in those moments the grace of God will always be there to correct, protect, and redirect us back into His will for our lives. This sermon titled, “Falling from your calling” will help you understand, through the life of Jonah how God redirected us back into our calling.

Hot Mess

May 19, 2019
One of the most dibilitating forces many people face on a daily basis is depression. Millions of Americans deal with depression on a daily basis. These battle are not with others, they are the battles within our own minds. This sermon titled "HOT MESS" will look at biblical principles that can help us win the battles within.
Have you put your hope in the way God carries you through difficult seasons, or that God will carry you through difficult seasons? We live in a time when so many people are filled with fear and frustration and anxiety because things didn’t turn out the way they expected.This sermon from our Escape Room Series will help you learn to put your faith in “WHO” is going to carry you through, and it probably won’t happen the way you expected.
Every day people are longing to escape from physical boundaries such as poverty, injustice, handicaps or generational curses. While other are facing mental or emotional barriers that are limiting and restricting them to live a life of freedom. One of the most demoralizing struggles we face is feeling restricted and bound by our current reality. What are you trying to escape from? Even though you feel trapped, our God is faithful and always provides you a way to break free and escape from what ever binds and restricts you. 1 Corinthians 10:13
Guest Pastor Shawn Hyland and his wife Glennys share their testimony. Trust and Obey.
Resisting, Revealing, Releasing