Parking Update

What to Expect

The City of Asbury Park has opened the parking garage located at 605 Bangs Avenue (see map on the right) to anyone attending Shore Christian Church  to park their cars while attending services on Sundays at the House of Independents (572 Cookman Ave.) Anyone attending service will be able to park their cars in the garage for our two services: 8:30am | 10:00 am | 11:30am.

Here is what to expect. Parking will be FREE! Go straight to the parking garage, there is no need to stop by House of Independents beforehand. SCC parking attendants will be at the gate for the 8:30 am service at 8:00 am (when the garage opens). You will receive a parking pass at the gate. Proceed to the parking garage after receiving your pass. Go straight to the second floor. Do not park on the first floor, EXCEPT FOR THE HANDICAP with proper identification. Do not park in reserve spots-they are for monthly parking. Park head first, and make sure your parking pass is well displayed.

When retrieving your car, before you drive out of the garage, make sure to hand in your parking pass to the attendants at the gate.

Follow the procedure above for the 10:00 am  and 11:30am service. For those attending the 10:00 am service, SCC parking attendants will be at the gate at 9:30 am to handout parking passes. For those attending the 11:30am service, SCC parking attendants will be at the gate at 11:00am.

Please note: you will have until 2:00 pm to retrieve your car from the garage.


House of Independents to Bangs Ave Parking Garage

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