Men’s Conference 2018

"Relentless" Men's One-Day Conference 2018

We are excited to announce the 2018 "RELENTLESS" Mens One Day Conference. This very special day will be dedicated to empowering and equipping men to "RELENTLESSLY" surrender, commit, and pursuit God's calling over their life.

This mens conference is "FREE" to attend and will include a catered lunch from Chik-Fil-a.

The scheduled speakers are Pastor Tommy Miles from (Macedonia Baptist Church), Pastor Raphael Giglio (North Shore Fellowship), and Pastor Isaac Friedel (Shore Christian Church).


See conference schedule below:

8:30-9:15am Coffee & Fellowship
9:15-9:25am Welcome and Prayer
925-945 Live Worship- David Narcercise
9:45-10:30am Pastor Tommy Miles
10:30-1045am Coffee Break
10:45-11:30am Pastor Raphael Giglio
11:30-12:15am Lunch Catered by Chik Fil a
1215-12:40am Live Worship Pastor Raphael Giglio
12:40-1:25pm Pastor Isaac Friedel
1:25-1:30pm Closing Prayer