I Know Who He Is, But Who Am I

For most Christians our problem isn’t “WHO is GOD” but our greatest struggle many times is, “WHO am I?”

This four week series will give you a great foundation of who God really is, and then begin showing you who you are in HIM.

Sermons / I Know Who He Is, But Who Am I

Part 4 I Am a Slumdog Millionaire

Aug 26, 2018

We all have flaws and glitches but because of the blood of Jesus we can all belong. When you belong to Christ, it doesn’t matter where you came from, you can have confidence and boldness when you come to God. Then you can release your weaknesses and in God’s hands He can turn them into your greatest strengths.

Part 3 I Am In The Cloud

Aug 19, 2018

Sometimes we may feel that we are stuck in the middle of who God is calling us to be, and where we think we’re at. In order to remember our true identity, who God has called us to be, we need to correct, protect and connect! And no matter how far you think you’ve fallen, the good news is however much time or opportunity you think you’ve lost, it’s still “in the cloud”. God will use all of your failures and insecurities because He is the God of all of it, He is I AM and in HIM we have all that we need.

Part 2 From Now On

Aug 12, 2018

The 2nd part of the series “I Know Who He Is, But Who Am I”. We are blessed to have guest speaker Shawn Hyland share a message with us about how we view ourselves. By contrasting Peter at the Sea of Galilee and Adam and Eve in the Garden, we see the drastic differences in their views of themselves. In the Garden of Eden, they were met with a serpent tempting them, fear because of the curse and they were told to leave. But after Peter’s encounter with Jesus in Galilee he was met with a Savior who loved him, a future because of His grace and he was told to follow, “from now on”. Because of Jesus, we hold the same promise and hope that was given to Peter that day.

Part 1 God Tags

Aug 5, 2018

Before we can ever answer the question of “Who am I, what has God put me on this earth for?” You need to know who God is. When you know who God is, you will know what to do.