Knowing a person’s name is a crucial starting point in developing any relationship. However, to truly know someone, you must dive much deeper past that initial starting point into their personality & character. As we begin our march towards Easter 2019, through each message, we will develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is. Jesus mentions 7 different names in the New Testament that describes who He is. This series is simply titled I AM____

I Am The Bread of Life

I Am The Light of the World

I Am The Door

I Am The Good Sheered

I Am The Vine

I Am The Way, Truth, and the Life

I Am The Resurrection & the Life

Sermons / I AM

Part 4 I Sheltered by the Shepherd

March 24, 2019

As Jesus walked the streets He wanted everyone to know who He was and why He came. In John chapter 10 Jesus made one of the most powerful statements when He said, “I am the Good Shepherd.” This Sermon will teach us why we need a Shepherd and how that Shepherd is the only one who can properly lead, love, and protect us from the wolves of this world.



Part 3 I AM That Door

March 17, 2019

Doors are part of our everyday life. They can either be used to shut people out, or invite people in. Doors can hurt you when they are shut in your face, or can bless you when somebody opens a door for you to come inside.

Check out this sermon by Pastor Isaac titled, “I am that Door”



Part 2 Then Jesus Comes On The Scene

March 12, 2019



Part 1 He’s a Bread House

March 3, 2019