Join us as we look at the stories of women in the Bible who God saw a strength in that no one else did. When we feel broken, God makes us FIERCE!

Sermons / Fierce

Part 4 Be A Peace Queen Not A Drama Queen

February 23, 2020

In a world full of conflict, debate and chaos, we are in desperate need of PEACEMAKERS. Everyday we have moments to help bring peace in the midst of pain. This Sunday, through the life of a fierce woman named Abigail, we are going to learn how to be a PEACEMAKER.

Part 3 Where Legacies Are Born

February 16, 2020

Are you a clingy person? I guess in one way or another we all are. We all have things we cling to, especially when a crisis hits our life. This new sermon from our FIERCE series will see through the life of Ruth how to find the right things to cling to in our greatest moments of need.

Part 2 Let It Go

February 9, 2020

Have you ever been offended? How do you respond when you are disrespected, ignored, or insulted? Many would argue that today we live in the most easily offended culture. So how can I have fierce faith in the face of being offended? Today we saw through the story of an unlikely fierce woman of faith that our greatest miracles can be on the other side of our greatest offense.

Part 1 Now Is the Time, This Is the Place, You Are the One

February 2, 2020

In one moment everything can change. One email, one phone call, one conversation can drastically shift the course of your life. Those are the moments you will find out whether or not your faith is fierce. No one knows this better than a Hebrew beauty queen named Esther. This Sunday we are excited to learn how to have FIERCE FAITH just like Esther, for every crisis you may face.