Consider Your Source

Throughout the Bible, God shows us He is our provider. He tells us not to worry because He knows all our needs. Unfortunately, most of us find it hard to trust God when it comes to our job performance, bank account, or relationship status. Why do we struggle entrusting God with our future? How do we learn to live with open hands in a world that tells us to hold on to what we have?

Sermons / Consider Your Source

Part 4 Don’t Forget How It’s Met

November 24, 2019

Are You Needy??? Truth is we are all needy! We all have needs that we expect to be fulfilled. When searching to get our needs met, we often have good intentions, however we benefit from more help on how to implement these needs into goals that are achievable.

Part 3 Don’t Forget What You’ve Been Through

November 17, 2019

Each of us have gone through our share of challenges this year. We have been through battles and breakthroughs. But no matter what 2019 has brought you, if you consider YOUR SOURCE you’ll have a reason to rejoice! Our spiritual strength comes when we stand in faith with the words Jesus spoke. God is the source for everything we need!

Part 2 Don’t Forget Where It Came From

November 10, 2019

Part 2 of Consider Your Source

Part 1 Don’t Forget Where You Came From

November 3, 2019

Many times we spend much of our energy focusing on where we’re going in life and it can be easy to neglect where we came from. However, if we could remember where we’ve been and all that God has done to get us where we are we could find strength to sustain us on all of life’s journeys.